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You've found the largest and most successful Christian singles organization in the United States!

CSI is a member-operated information system, designed to help compatible marriage-minded singles find each other.

It is our goal and design that each member find a partner for marriage who will be his or her natural companion and life-long friend.  Our members learn a lot about each other before they decide to meet one another.

To use this system, each member first completes a Profile Questionnaire.   Next, members specify the characteristics that they are looking for in a partner, such as: age, race, religious denomination, level of education, values, attitudes, and future plans.  Based on these preferences, CSI screens and prints a list of profiles of members who have these preferred characteristics.  The Profile Print-Outs include scanned photographs and are sent via US Mail.

Each member of CSI determines his or her geographic search area.  You may limit your search to only your own city, zip code area, or state, or, you may leave it open to to the entire United States and to International members who are looking for an American partner.

To protect our member's privacy and security, profile information and photographs are NOT displayed on the Internet.  Rather, member information is shared only with other members via First Class US Mail.

Although we provide information on a large pool of marriage-minded singles, CSI is not a dating service.  Our members make all of their own match-making decisions and make their own dating arrangements.

Our membership comes with a guarantee of at least three successful exchanges per year, with members who meet ALL of your requirements, including geographic area requirements, or that year of membership is entirely FREE.  (See details on your state sub-chapter page.)

CSI has been in business continuously since 1990, and has grown during every year of its existence.  Detailed membership information is found on your sub-chapter page below.

Enter through your State Sub-Chapter

All active US state and territory subchapters are included here.  If you are a US citizen living outside of the USA, such as on a foreign US military base, please join via your home-state sub-chapter.

International membership is recommended only for those seeking a partner within the USA.  If you live outside of the USA, and are NOT a US citizen, please use the International Christian Singles sub-chapter to join.

A special welcome to members of CFFI, Christian Friendship and Fellowship International.  The CSI - CFFI partnership is a benefit to members of both groups.

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Take a look at what people are saying about CSI!

Rebecca Porter
Miss Kansas USA 1990
Rebecca Porter

In a radio announcement for CSI:
"The most significant determinant of happiness in a person's life, is a good marriage. However, finding the right partner can be very difficult, and it is too important to be left to chance."

George Bush Sr.
Former US President

In 1991, The Office of National Service nominated CSI for a Presidential Point-of-Light Award. Upon receiving the nomination, CSI received a letter from then president George Bush Sr., which included the following:  "Thank you for your commitment to Community Service. Through your generosity and hard work, you have shown that the tradition of neighbor helping neighbor is alive and well in our country. Your efforts profoundly influence the life of your community and are a shinning example for us all. Barbara joins me in saluting you and sending you our best wishes. God bless you."

Rev. Steve Mashburn
Christian Family Ministries, Wichita KS

"The Christian Singles Info-exchange is not an ordinary organization. They are an organization of strict moral values that are taught by Jesus Christ and the Church of any affiliation. They sincerely promote wholesome Christian marriages that will last a life-time."

Former Governor Bill Graves
Governor of Kansas 1995-2003

"The information system administered by the Christian Singles Info-exchange provides us with hope for a better tomorrow. For far too long, our country has ignored its 50% divorce rate and our society is now feeling the negative results. Every divorce or troubled marriage is, of course, a tragedy for the families involved, but its effects go beyond the family. Welfare dependent numbers, educational problems, and juvenile crime are just a few areas negatively affected. I applaud the efforts of The Christian Singles Info-exchange, as they work toward lowering our nation's rate of divorce and troubled marriages."

All state and territory sub-chapters are part of the nationwide Christian Singles Information exchange system.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions on any sub-chapter, you may contact us as follows:

By US Mail, (all sub-chapters):

The Christian Singles Info-exchange
5575 South Mosley Street
Wichita, Kansas 67216-3631

By Telephone:  316-522-8866

By e-mail:

By FAX: 316-522-8833.

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